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A little bit about F|HM:

FARM|HOUSE market began with a simple idea when I first graduated with a degree in interior design in 2009. I spent much of my time trying to find work in architecture firms, but with the economy tanking at that time, it made it near impossible.

I started thinking, would I be happy working in a big firm where I would not be able to work with customers and clients directly or would I be more satisfied in a smaller more hands on setting?

What if I created a studio? What if I opened a showroom or brick & mortar retail space?

So a few years & restaurant jobs later, I decided to mix all of the above and open FARM|HOUSE market. It was a way I could connect with my customers (huge people person), share my passion for design, offer incredible items to my followers, and have an online retail store. BOOM! :)

FHM opened online in February of 2016 - with our headquarters based in Portland, Oregon.

I genuinely thank you for your support and I look forward to getting to know each of you better!

With love & gratitude,